Pick Me Ups 🙌

BIG goals, baby steps!

A lot of times we have these BIG goals but forget about the BABY steps it takes to reach them. You say you want to be somebody and go somewhere in life- ask yourself “What will it take?” 

Decisions, decisions

Make a decision on YOUR life! 

Then, make CHOICES that line up with that decision.

🛑 lying!

Stop lying to yourself.

Eventually you will start to believe it. 

Perspective 🤔

Life is about perspective. The way you allow yourself to accept change is imperative to your sanity. The truth is, shit is always going to happen. It’s up to you to decide how you will let it affect you. This is where finding the positive in negative situations will benefit you. 

Coping Mechanisms

Learning how to cope with the ups and downs of life is essential. Adopting different coping mechanisms can help you reduce stress. Some good coping mechanisms include crying , writing poetry, exercising, listening to music, and finding the positive in bad situations. Some people often resort to coping mechanisms like drugs, violence and self-harm but those aren’t effective in helping you move forward. Right now... go find what helps you deal most effectively with the woes of life and stick to it. 

YOUR purpose!

You may find that your purpose is something you’ve always done. You just never recognized it as being special because it was so effortless to you. For example: your “calling” could be for helping people- growing up people always confided in you with their problems, maybe you enjoyed babysitting children, teaching or taking care of the elderly. So, in turn you discover your calling as a counselor, day care owner, teacher or caregiver.