Jessica Miller, Founder of Royalty By Roots


 Passionate, dependable, loyal, understanding, committed, creative is what I instantly felt when meeting Drekkia. I met Drekkia my sophomore year of college. At the time, I was quiet, to myself, and scared. She helped me get out this box I was putting myself in mentally. I then began to develop confidence in myself and being more outspoken, just getting out my comfort zone. Discovering my passion is another major role that she has played. Drekkia helped me actually understand that I have to think for myself, be happy, and do what I love. After accepting and believing, she’s been nothing but a mentor and has shown support throughout my spiritual journey of growth and healing. I appreciate her positive spirit, dedication, and understanding 

Vallejo Lee, Founder of Vallejo Art Files



I met Drekkia my first year of college at UCA in 2014. She actually mentors me, still until this very day. She’s guided me in the right directions as far as being vocal and expressive with my many talents. I can honestly say that Drekkia brought me out of my shell of fear and discomfort. She did this great thing for me just by simply helping me find different platforms to showcase, introducing me to people living through the arts just as myself, and expressing that she actually cared about me; as complete strangers! I began to trust in her, because I could see the light she wanted to shine on me and even the luminous light she held within herself. I’m grateful to have Drekkia in my life and to be able to say, “she showed me the way.” Drekkia has help mold the mentality I have towards myself and my worth. Even in business, I’ve worked alongside with her, benefiting knowledge and experience. Seeing the strategic and hustler-woman in her has showed me that as an artist, I can endeavor the world as I choose to. Peace, love, and the most respect to this power woman.

Oya Orisha, Founder of the New Wave Artist Collective



Drekkia has been a great energy in my life. I met her as a young woman, about a year before being a newlywed and fresh to the world of adulthood. She genuinely befriended me during a time my life had begun to change drastically. Even before I became “Oya” the artist Drekkia had always supported me, even without truly knowing me. Drekkia constantly reminds me of how amazing I was just by being herself. Strange right? And she has invested in me time and time again and is definitely a reason why I can’t give up! I trust her. She’s not old, just a young girl with an old soul, but when she grows old she will definitely look young with wisdom that’s tenfold.

Tashia Mayo, Founder of Sister Sister Mentorship


Drekkia has helped me progress in many areas of life. I was once a lost soul searching for guidance, Drekkia came and set me on the right path. Her patience and empathy has helped me grow into a confident young woman. Sandrekkia’s impact on my life has moved me to help other girls in my community. She helped me transform from an at risk teen to a teen advocate. 

Brianna Thompson, NLR Parks and Recreation Program Leader



Drekkia has been nothing short of a positive addition to my life. Through our decade of friendship she has always supported me, encouraged me to be better, and has never changed. She’s encouraged me to through an unhealthy relationship, helped me emotionally through one of the hardest times of my life.. Every time I call Drekkia, she’s willing to help and willing to listen; you don’t find many people that are selfless and full of love and energy. To say she’s amazing is an understatement. I’m blessed and fortunate to know her. 

Tia Meeks, U.S Veteran




There was an event by the name of " Succeed Week" Sandrekkia put together to show kids that they will succeed in life and didn't have to be a product of their environment if they applied the effort and believed in themselves. She gave up her personal time and put in countless hours to ensure the kids had received an amazing experience.